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School meals

Spring School is working in partnership with The Little Lunch Box to provide fresh high quality meals for pupils at lunchtime. 

Meals will be prepared off-site and delivered to the school with staff supporting the serving of school meals in the dining hall.

The menu works on a three-week rotating cycle with a mixture of hot and chilled meals. All of the meals are halal and each day there is a choice of meat and a vegetarian option. Meals cost £2.70 per day. Payments can be made on the Arbor Parent Portal App.

The school will need to collate all orders for the following week on a Wednesday morning therefore all parents are to complete their menu choices with their children by 12.00pm on a Tuesday each week.

Download this term's school meal menu to see the options available. Please note, menu changes are possible due to demand from supplies, however, we hope to keep to the menu as much as possible.


Free school meals

Universal free school meals
All children in key stage 1 are entitled to a free meal, however, if you are in receipt of any of the below benefits, please do apply for free school meals, as this will generate additional funding for the school in the form of pupil premium funding.

Children in junior and secondary school – year 3 to year 11
Your child could be eligible for free school meals if you or your partner receive a qualifying benefit.

  • income support
  • income-based job seeker's allowance
  • income-related employment and support allowance
  • the guarantee element of state pension credit
  • support under part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • child tax credit (but not working tax credit) and have an annual income of less than £16,190
  • working tax credit run-on – paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for working tax credit
  • Universal Credit - if you apply on or after 1 April 2018 your household income must be less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you get).


If you receive a qualifying benefit please complete and return the application for free school meals, providing supporting evidence to the School Office.


Milk available to all pupils in school as part of the school food plan 

Currently children under the age of five, have been receiving free milk at school, funded by the UK Government’s Nursery Milk Scheme.

When your child turns five, milk continues to be available at a subsidised cost of around £18 per term, via our school milk supplier, Cool Milk.   

Drinking a portion of milk at mid-morning break offers protein, calcium, and other vital nutrients, important for children’s growth and development. It can also be a sensible way to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch.  

If your child is currently under five

  • Your child is currently receiving free milk at school as part of the UK Government’s Nursery Milk Scheme.  
  • Simply register and make payment with Cool Milk at least 10 days before your child turns five in order to continue with the scheme. 

If your child is aged five or over 
Visit Cool Milk  at least 10 days before your child’s fifth birthday and select the ‘Register your child for milk here’ option on the main home page.  

After registration, you may then make a pre-payment via your online account for the remaining half term, term or academic year. You can also simply choose your own specified amount, should you wish to do so.    

If your child is currently over the age of five and entitled to statutory free school meals, there is no need to register. Simply speak to the school office for further information.

All information handled by Cool Milk is processed in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation. The data will be stored securely on Cool Milk’s UK-based servers and will not be passed to third parties other than to UK Government departments for audit purposes. 

Should you have any queries regarding your child’s registration or milk supply in general, please do not hesitate to contact Cool Milk directly on 0800 321 3248 or via email to


More information
Cool Milk parent/carer information leaflet
Cool Milk - milk scheme poster