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Ambitious Approach

Ambitious Approach

The Ambitious Approach is our model of education practice, which was designed to be used in our education settings to support autistic children and young people. The Ambitious Approach puts quality of life at the centre of all we do. It is based upon a pupil's indisputable rights to be: 

  • treated with dignity and compassion 
  • valued 
  • listen to 
  • supported to have the best quality of life possible 
  • empowered to make choices and decide on how they want to live their life.


We have high aspirations for our pupils. Our goal for all pupils is that when they leave our settings they will have the opportunity to access employment, further education or training and to live as part of the communities of their choice. At its heart, the approach is about improving the quality of life of autistic young people while they are in education and ensuring this quality of life continues into adulthood. 

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Read the latest about our work, and read personal stories, by our pupils or relatives and staff.

The Ambitious Approach has three areas of focus: 

1. The curriculum: The curriculum in our settings focuses on equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills they need for quality of life. Learning is tailored to support autistic children and young people to live the life they want to lead.  


2. Curriculum delivery: We recruit and train staff in our settings to provide high-quality teaching. This includes having a deep knowledge of the subjects they teach, specialist knowledge of how autistic children and young people learn best and creating environments that support and nurture physical and psychological needs.  


3. Collaboration: To afford dignity, respect and compassion, young people and are placed at the core of a setting so their voices are heard and so we can support them with what is important to them. Staff in the settings work closely together, sharing their expertise, to address barriers to learning and support the best possible outcomes. 


Find out more in the video below about our approach to education and how we support autistic children and young people to be themselves and realise their ambitions within our education services.



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