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Our vision, values and ethos

Spring School is a special school dedicated to educating autistic pupils aged 4–19. 

Our vision is to create a school where autistic children can learn, thrive, achieve and belong. We will offer a model of best practice for autistic children with social communication needs who can learn under a broadly age-related curriculum. In practice, this means: 

  • Pupils will obtain the best possible outcomes in terms of academic and personal development, based on their needs, aspirations, and priorities and feel proud of what they learn and achieve 
  • Pupils will have a sense of competence and self-worth with good mental health, well-being, and long-term life chances beyond school.  
  • Pupils will be directly involved in decisions about their learning and future.  
  • Families will have the confidence that their children are in a safe environment and are being guided toward greater independence. 
  • Families will be provided with the tools they need to support their children beyond school and feel they are key members of the school community with their voices heard. 


Spring School will give pupils the support and challenge they need to reach their full learning potential. The school will have academic, personal, social and independent targets to provide autistic pupils with ambitious aspirations. Pupils will work towards gaining academic and vocational qualifications, that will help them succeed in the world beyond school. 

Partnership working is at the core of the school’s vision. Our school model is designed to offer the best of both special and mainstream education through close collaboration with local mainstream providers, including Chessington School. We will work in partnership with parents and carers, recognising the importance of co-production in supporting children’s learning and development.