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Section 10 consultation report

Spring School will be a special free school run by the Ambitious about Autism Schools Trust. 

As part of the Department for Education process to open a free school, we conducted a consultation with the local community under Section 10 of the Academies Act 2010.  

A Section 10 consultation gives the local community and stakeholders the opportunity to pose questions to the trust relating to the school, enabling us to co-produce and deliver the best school possible for autistic children and young people, their families, and the wider local community in the royal borough of Kingston upon Thames. 

Thank you to our Kingston and Richmond Community Champions for informing the brochure and wider consultation. Your personal and local insight is one of the many ways we hope to develop a school for the local community. 

This Section 10 consultation for Spring School ran from Monday 17 October to Friday 2, December 2022.    

Read our consultation brochure.  

Read our consultation report.